Shower troubles

I’m starting to realise just how difficult simple tasks become when you have a baby on the move. Last week I had a girly night out planned with good food, cocktails and minimum baby talk. I hadn’t washed my hair for a time longer than I’m willing to share so this was number one priority for the morning. I thought I’d quickly jump in the shower whilst Baby Knight played in her room, which I can see from the bathroom anyway. Not a problem. Pah! I am a fool.

Look at that cheeky face, I should’ve known better!

It started out how I imagined, I set her up a little toy area and she played angelically with Peppa Pig books. Then the shower curtain fell on me and the noise made her cry. So I comforted her then begrudgingly got in the shower, knowing I would soak the whole room and have that to clean up later. Baby Knight picked that moment to decide she was bored and wanted to play with Mummy. Great timing, sweetheart. She got upset when every time she got close she was sprayed with water, not that it stopped her. She then clocked a plug-in that looked appealing and decided it must be hers. Cue a soapy Mummy literally throwing her bath toys to her in an attempt to distract her.

Finally I was clean (forget exfoliating scrubs and hair masks, those days are gone). I took her in my room with different toys so I could get sorted, I managed to get a brush through my hair before she had had enough.

We plodded downstairs to Cbeebies so that I could quickly throw some clothes on. I then realised she was soaked from trying to join me in the shower. Now, getting Baby Knight dressed these days is always a workout  as she is just everywhere and is super slippery too thanks to her eczema cream. She was eventually ready for the day then she sat up, was sick down her clothes then burst out laughing.

I aborted this mission and went to my Mum’s to get ready.

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

Cheap and Easy Easter Home

I really enjoy getting into a new season  and altering my home and wardrobe to suit. I love Summer brights and mustard and maroon in Autumn but Easter is definitely my favourite. If my whole life could be pastel coloured and in the shape of an egg that would be bliss.

Anyone who has Pinterest will have seen the gorgeous creations that can be made to fill your home with Easter spirit. However, if you’re like me and colouring in is as crafty as you can manage I’ve found a few things that will do the job and not cost much either. I can’t remember the exact prices of things but nothing is more than £10.

If you don’t want anything too OTT this cute wooden sign from is perfect.

I love bunting! These thick paper ones come as a pack of three from Home Bargains and are so sweet. Each one has 14 flags on so they’re a decent length.

The poor people who are spending Easter Sunday with me will be forced to indulge in the season and wear bunny ears. All day. Even to the restaurant for lunch. These come in a pack of 8 from

The long weekend is the perfect time to enjoy some baking. Cupcakes are always a favourite and these cases and  decorations will really finish them off! All of this comes in a pack from Home Bargains.

If you enjoy eating cupcakes moreso than baking them (and who could blame you!) I’ve found most supermarkets produce a range that would look great decorating a table. These are super cheap from Aldi and are delicious.

Fresh flowers instantly brighten up a room and Spring offers the most gorgeous varieties. Tulips and daffodils are my personal Easter favourites.

Finally, if all else fails, you can’t beat dressing up your children! Adorable and will be hilarious to look back on when they’re older. This is our beautiful Easter Bunny! Those little plastic eggs are super cheap and I’ve filled them with dry pasta to turn them into little shakers. They are also perfect for an egg hunt for older children. She loves them!

Happy Easter everyone!

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x