Another 1st birthday celebration.

It’s happened! My tiny baby turned ONE even though I’ve told him to stop growing up hundreds of time. Sob.

We had the best time celebrating though. We hired the room at our church and threw him a big dinosaur party and I was so pleased with the end result.


We hired a little soft play which included a slide, soft shapes, rides on, see saw, space hoppers and, his absolute favourite, a ball pit. We had quite a varied age range of guests but they all seemed to really enjoy it and, most importantly, the birthday boy was in his element.

I also did an activity table for the older children with dinosaur masks, colouring, stickers, rubber dinosaur toys and temporary tattoos which I was really pleased with as everything got used.

I filled the room with every dinosaur banner I could find, I had spent many evenings scrolling through eBay, Instagram and Pinterest in preparation. The real stars of the show however were Mr Knight’s dinosaur balloons which he was incredibly proud of!


Turning one isn’t all fun and games though! Our boy partied so hard that he had to have an hour nap half way through. We just about managed to do his cake and sing happy birthday before he fell fast asleep! It’s hard work being the host so we’ll let him off.


His big sister had a brilliant time too. She can be so shy and would’ve really struggled in a situation like this before so it was amazing to see her playing with other children and dancing and just being so happy. The party took quite a lot of preparation but it was so worth it to see how much they loved it.

I didn’t do traditional party bags as I wasn’t 100% sure who was coming and again, we had such a wide age range of children so everyone just went home with a nice slice of cake.

It was so good to have a day just completely focused on our boy. Being the second baby, that probably hasn’t happened since he was actually born!

Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated with us.

Afterwards we came home and the mass ‘open every present in sight’ explosion occurred. I’d had every intention of doing lovely thank you cards for everyone but it was impossible to keep track of who had bought what! As usual, good intentions are all I’ve got!

His actual birthday was on the Monday, Mr Knight had it off work and Little Knight missed preschool so we could enjoy the day together. The kids both woke up in such a foul mood and the weather was AWFUL so it looked like it was going to be a fail but we managed to save the day. We went for lunch at Frankie and Benny’s as it’s become a bit of a family favourite and we went swimming in the afternoon which they both really loved. Even with the massive palaver of getting everybody changed it was worth it! We definitely need to start taking them regularly. On the evening we went for a Chinese takeaway and chocolate cake at my parent’s house which was the perfect end to the day.

I have no idea what to do with all of his new toys… this boy is just so loved! He has had the biggest smile on his face throughout his celebrations so I know that he’s had a great time. AND I didn’t even cry once! Success!

Happy Birthday, my gorgeous little bear. I love you more than words and I cannot wait for another year of your cheeky little ways.

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x



Another first birthday.

Can you even believe I’m writing this post already? I swear I had this baby a few months ago and now my precious boy will be ONE!

Those of you who have been with me from the start will know that I was also very emotional about my daughter’s 1st birthday (you can read that here) and if I’m honest I was the same at her subsequent birthdays too. When did I turn into that mum? Please tell me I’m not alone in this. Birthdays just seem to really emphasise how quickly time is going and fast children grow up.

I think there are a few reasons why I feel so bittersweet about my boy turning one.

Firstly, he’s my baby! Since he came along, Little Knight became my big girl and he took the position of little, scrumptious baby (which he has filled perfectly). Now he’s making his way into the toddler zone and I am just not ready for that. He’ll be 1, he’s walking now, he eats real food with his real teeth. We’ve decided to get him measured for his first shoes this week and I’m just not ready. I know they say time flies but this last year has DISAPPEARED.

He might be our last baby. Mr Knight and I don’t know what our future holds and if it’s just the two for us then we’ll be saying goodbye to the baby days for good. That is so hard! img_6619.jpg

BUT I’ve accepted that this is just the way I parent! I am an emotional mother (just like my own!!) and that’s ok! I’ll probably cry at every birthday, assembly and school report forevermore.

This weekend we are having a party for our boy to celebrate his first year with so many of our favourite people and it’s going to be really special. His actual birthday is on Monday which Mr Knight has off work so we’ve got swimming and a nice lunch out planned followed by a big nap. What more could a 1 year old want?

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

First Birthday celebrations!

The actual birthday

The day finally arrived! My baby girl’s first birthday. Despite feeling very emotional during the build up and having a sad moment the night before, the day itself was tear free. She decided to have a lie in til 8 and for once I was lying in bed willing for her to wake up! After showing her what to do she loved ripping her presents open so she could eat the paper to see what was inside. I decided to lovingly make Little Knight a special birthday breakfast of banana pancakes with strawberries, which she refused to eat and threw on the floor. Standard breakfast really.

We had a morning of visitors, Little Knight had a big sleep, then we took her out to soft play which was beautifully quiet. She had more visitors on the evening and really lapped up all the attention! It was such a lovely day.

The party

Skip forward to Saturday and it was party time! I’d booked the sunshine for the day which was lucky so we set up outside. It was Pink Lemonade themed and the garden looked beautiful! The next few hours were filled with friends and family enjoying drinks and cakes with children playing. It was exactly what I wanted and definitely worth all the months of preparation.

Photo credit: Charlotte Taylor

Photo credit: Charlotte Taylor

For entertainment, we were fortunate that a lot of Little Knight’s presents were outdoor toys. We had a sand table with toys in it, a swing, a handmade teepee and a playhouse. I then just took out her ballpit and a box of musical instruments. Add a bubble machine and everyone was happy! This also meant that I didn’t have to bother with party games. Winner!


I felt really touched with how many people came to spend the day with us and how blessed my little girl is to have so many special people in her life. Thank you to everyone that came and for her lovely presents. Thank you cards to follow! It turns out I am that mum who sits with a pen and paper during present time writing out the thank you list. I might make her call everyone to say thank you when she’s older, kids love that.

Photo credit: Charlotte Taylor

Photo credit: Charlotte Taylor

Decorations and details

The bunting was made especially for the party by our friend at Rosierags Crafts and it really finished off the garden, I cannot recommend her enough, my photos do not do it justice at all!

Photo credit: Charlotte Taylor

Photo credit: Charlotte Taylor

I spent more hours than I’m willing to say making Little Knight’s birthday chalkboard but I was so happy with the finished product. I love that we can look back at her interests when she is older and it was a great feature on the drinks table. First I painted the frame then I measured out sections in pencil. I sketched everything out with pencil first then went over it with a silver and gold permanent paint marker pen. Everything is available from The Range.

I also had lots of comments about the jars for drinks which were simple but really effective. I finished them off with paper straws that I bought from eBay.

I made a banner using photos of Little Knight through her first year. I had them printed by Snapfish as I wanted square photos from my Instagram. I then backed them onto coloured card and decorated them with card party hats and pretty buttons I found on Amazon for a few pence. I attached them altogether with pink gingham ribbon from eBay. It was really nice for our guests to look back on her first year and see how much she has changed.

 All the other banners, balloons etc. were either picked up from different supermarkets over the months or eBay.

Her cake was made by a local events shop where we have had many celebration cakes from over the years. I wanted it to look simple but pretty and it was perfect. Delicious too! For anyone local it was Cloud Nine in Quarry Bank.


For the party bags I bought some paper sweet bags from eBay and sealed then with personalised stickers. They looked lovely and were only small so I didn’t have to spend much money to fill them! They included bubbles, number and shape stickers, a blower and a small chocolate.


Her lemonade stand was lovingly made by my dad which was a really sweet feature and very popular with the children!

It was a lot of work but definitely worth it. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and Little Knight was happy which is all that matters. Although I might try and have a quiet one for her next birthday. She says!

Photo credit: Charlotte Taylor

Photo credit: Charlotte Taylor

Thank you for reading,

Knight Mummy x

I have a 1 year old 

I’ve just been creeping around putting up banners and setting up a birthday display in the lounge. I’m now sat on the sofa at half 11 in the evening, on my own, looking at photos of my baby girl through tears. I feel a big mixture of sadness that my little baby has gone, pride as she has come so farhow, happiness that we get to celebrate this big milestone and excitement for what’s to come. 

In 30 minutes I will have a one year old, a little cheeky toddler whose personality shines through everything she does. Every day with her is such a joy and I cannot wait to celebrate her first year with people who love her. 

All day I’ve drove people crazy with my ‘this-time-last-year’ stories. I keep thinking back and remembering how excited but scared I was to meet this little person. One year later, she is my everything and I know her better than anyone.  

Just a few hours old

 Of course, with nostalgia you tend to only remember the lovely parts but its definitely been the most challenging year of my life too. Babies are such hard work! Right now though,  I can’t help but feel like I didn’t appreciate the time when she was little. When you’re exhausted and feeding constantly and you’re full of stitches its inevitable you will be keen to fast forward a bit. Now though, I feel like I would empty the bank to have an hour with Baby Knight when she was a few weeks old.    
 I know this phrase is batted around constantly but seriously, where does the time go?! 
A one year old?! I feel like I can’t really refer to her as Baby Knight anymore so from now on she is Little Knight. (Even though that hurts my mummy heart a little!) 

We have a day full of family and fun tomorrow and then a little party planned on Saturday so we have lots to look forward to. And Little Knight (urghhhh!) doesn’t have a clue what any of it is about!   

My big girl

Please tell me I’m not the only one whose found the first birthday emotional?

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

One year on

Next week marks one whole year of being a Mummy and I’m definitely feeling the gravity of this! It’s made me think about the crazy adventure we’ve been on this past 12 months and how much has changed. I am feeling very nostalgic and have been reflecting on our time with a Baby Knight.


Not a baby anymore!

As a result, here are 10 things I’ve learned since becoming a Mother. 

1. Turns out you can survive on a few hours of broken sleep a night. It’s feels like torture at times, but you can survive! 

2. Each stage passes so quickly. They aren’t newborns for very long and every time you blink they have learned something else and change. Sometimes you just need to ignore your laundry pile mountain and cuddle. Time is so precious!

3. I don’t think you can fully understand a parents love for a child until you become one. I definitely didn’t anyway. It’s intense to say the least, and I think this makes you appreciate your own parents more.

4. Don’t buy expensive baby clothes unless you’re happy for them to be stained yellow. 

5. Trust your instincts. Nobody knows your baby like you do. At one point we were at the doctors every week with bronchitis/eczema/vomiting or just getting Baby Knight weighed and wanting to chat to a Health Visitor. I was that crazy mother and I didn’t care! If you’re not happy, seek help.

6. Coinciding with that, be confident in the decisions you make as they are what works for your family. I used to feel almost apologetic when admitting that we enjoy co-sleeping, like it was a massive secret and people would think I was an irresponsible parent. After a year I’ve grown in confidence and I’m proud of our family.

7. This is a tricky one. Try not to compare yourselves to others. You can only see what people choose to portray. So someone’s baby slept through at 5 weeks and someone else’s baby crawled at 4 months and someone else has an immaculate house blah blah blah. Just do you.

8. Don’t get stressed about the baby weight. Just look after yourself and your baby. You’ll get there.

9. Don’t be too proud to accept help. I used to want to look like I was Super Woman and could juggle everything on my own and didn’t want to burden anyone. Accept people’s offers of help, they are sincere and you’ll feel so much better.

10. The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed your baby will be. So they were half an hour late for their sleep? Never mind! Just don’t get stressed about the little things and life will be much more enjoyable. It’s taken me some time to accept that my TV will always have fingerprints on it and I’ll probably always have snot and carrot puffs smeared on my jeans. It’s all good fun! 

Please feel free to join in and add your lessons learned. I really wanted to avoid describing parenting as ‘a journey’ but I’m afraid it’s a clichè for a reason!

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

1st birthday build up

As Baby Knight has just turned 10 months I’ve really started thinking about her 1st birthday. Except that’s actually a lie. I’ve been planning for months, my Pinterest boards are full and you can’t see the bed in the spare room for birthday paraphernalia. And yes, I’m aware that so many people will be saying ‘what a waste of time/money when she wont even remember it!’ Now as much as I know that’s true, I couldn’t care less!

Anyone who knows me will know that I get birthday obsessed at the best of times. Not even just my birthday, anyone! I really love birthdays, they are just so special and exciting. Now, what could be more exciting than a first birthday?! For my own bloomin’ gorgeous baby girl!! I am beside myself with excitement. If I think about it too much I get a bit giddy.

However, this doesn’t mean I’m planning a massive ordeal. Not at all. I just want a day with our nearest and dearest, games and cake in the garden (are you listening, weather!!) celebrating my girl’s first year.

I also anticipate I will spend the day in tears so I’m electing my sister to take thousands of photos so I don’t miss a second. I keep watching YouTube videos of first birthdays (I know, I told you I get birthday obsession) and I can’t stop the tears then, when I have no idea who the people are.

One year seems to be such a huge milestone! Baby Knight has filled our lives with immeasurable joy for one whole year. Mr Knight and I have survived as parents and not killed each other for one whole year. I’ve breastfed for one whole year.

Just a few hours old *sob*

Just a few hours old *sob*

Her birthday feels so significant that I just feel like I’ll burst with emotions. I’m beyond happy, I’m so proud of her and how she’s progressed but I’m also a little sad that it’s all gone by so quickly! My baby is becoming a little girl before my very eyes and all I can do is enjoy the ride.

Well this got emotional! I thought I was going to write about how the theme of her little party was Pink Lemonade and where I’d bought the paper plates from but this was clearly what was on my mind instead. Please tell me I’m not the only one getting teary about blowing out that first candle!

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x