Keeping young children busy.

Twoligans. Threenagers. etc. etc. It’s a funny stage isn’t it?

My daughter is turning 3 this week (sob) and she just has SO MUCH ENERGY! I need a lot of quick activities/games that I can whip out and keep her occupied or reset her mood if she’s having a difficult day.

Here are a few we’ve been enjoying lately. Hope you find them helpful. They are all fairly quick to set up and cost barely anything.

Threading pasta onto spaghetti. I think I’ve mentioned this one before but it’s a classic and great for those fine motor skills. Also good with cheerios instead of penne pasta.

Sticker colour matching. I did random blocks of colour all over a piece of paper and then gave her a sheet of coloured stickers to match them up. I have a stock of these coloured stickers as they are so useful and you can get them from pretty much anywhere.

Tissue paper tunnel. We managed to get 2 activities out of this so it was well worth the effort of ripping tissue paper and taping to her table. She enjoyed crawling through it and hiding for ages. When that got boring, we got some scissors out and a bit of cutting practice.

Glitter glue. I put down a little messy mat and let her create her own picture. It’s quite tricky to turn the lids and then squeeze the glitter out so it was a good challenge. She also loves anything messy! I gave her a glue spreader to play with the glitter once she had squeezed it out so it lasted a bit longer. You can get packs of these from pound shops and places like that.

Sand pit/table. We’ve got her a big bag of play sand for the last 2 Summer’s and they tend to last us the whole season. She just has a bucket, spade and random shapes and old toys in there.

Baking. I am not a natural in the kitchen by ANY stretch of the imagination so we just buy ready made kits where you throw in an egg. They are super easy, pretty cheap and don’t take too long so Little Knight’s doesn’t get bored halfway through and abandon ship.

Painting. We do paint inside with the messy mat down too, this was an example of extreme painting! (Though please note how CLEAN the actual paper is…) Sometimes we use plain paper or make cards or I rip the colouring pages out of her magazines for her to paint.

Role play.  This is probably Little Knight’s favourite at the moment. We have a doctors kit, a cash register, a play kitchen, a baby and cot and this is us having a tea party with some teddies. (Also managed a cheeky cup of tea, just to get into character, of course.)

Shadow play. Little Knight rounded up a few toys, I tried to find the most unusually shaped ones, and put them in front of the door when the sun was shining through. I like this on a warm day when you don’t want them to be in the main heat of the sun.

Cornflour ‘gloop’. I mixed some cornflour with water and then poured it all over a few toys in a tray (make sure it’s a tray with sides!). She enjoyed pouring the mess all over her Teletubbies for ages, I’ve also done it with cocoa powder so it’s like mud. I then filled a bowl with bubbles and water and she gave them all a bath. Repeat x100000 times.

 Shape sorting. I used masking tape to mark out shapes on the floor and then we hunted around the house for certain shaped objects. This could obviously increase to more shapes as your child gets older and needs a bigger challenge. You could also get them to mark out the shapes as they advance. 


I hope you find a few of these useful! Please feel free to share your own easy activities for keeping your children out of trouble.

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

Learning from my children.

I had a complete parenting fail this morning. Earlier in the week I had signed us up for a new baby and toddler class and I was feeling so brave going somewhere brand new on my own with both of them.

It didn’t quite go to plan but my children taught me an important lesson today about looking at life with positive eyes.

This is how the morning went from my view:

We were rushing about getting ready AS ALWAYS and left the house a little later than I wanted. I had quickly checked how far away it was on my phone and it said 20 minutes. We arrived 35 minutes later and I was EXHAUSTED as the walk was full of hills, I had the pushchair and buggy board to push and obviously we were late so I was practically jogging. Oh and did I mention that it was raining? Classic. So we get there and I just could not find the class, we were walking around for another 10 minutes and there was no sign of it. When I checked my phone properly I realised we had gone to completely the wrong place, by which time we’d missed the class anyway.

So we started the wet hike home. My daughter had been so excited to go and although she handled it well, I still felt awful so we went to the shop where I bought her a Kinder Egg and a pack of cookie mix to bake at home to ease my mama guilt. 

By the time we got home, we had been out for 1 hour and 30 minutes FOR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

However, after chatting to my daughter, I realised that if you were to ask my children what we did this morning, it would look a little different. 

Baby Knight is 5 months old and just loves being in the pushchair so he was thrilled to have an hour and a half long walk.

Little Knight thought the rain was so exciting. She stood on her buggy board singing her heart out and loved pointing out dogs/buses/an ambulance etc. We even found a family of snails as it was raining! She couldn’t go to the class BUT we then went to the shop and she chose a Kinder Egg, which are her favourites, and inside was the last Barbie that she needed to complete her collection! She was so happy! We then got some cookies to do some baking when we got home. 

My children actually had a really good morning and didn’t think their mother was a complete waste of space.

Actually, here are some positives from our morning:

  • My kids are happy.
  • I had a cracking workout so tonight I can just chill out.
  • It filled our morning.
  • We all had some fresh air.
  • Baby Knight had a good nap.
  • We have cookie mix so we have an afternoon activity.
  • We can just go to the class next week.

There is something so beautiful about our children’s perspective on life and I think we can all learn something from them from time to time.

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

The second born.

When I had my first baby, she had my complete attention 24/7 (which is good as that’s when she was hungry!). From a very young age we had Parent and Baby groups, Baby Massage, swimming lessons, Tumble Tots and would often go out for long walks which would involve a coffee shop.

This time things are a little bit different. My little boy’s “social life” is basically being dragged along to his big sister’s activities and going to have his immunisations. What a hoot.

I would often just sit and cuddle my daughter whilst she slept and we could spend hours snuggling on the sofa. My son rarely has that luxury as I have to feed/clean up after/play with his sister so if he’s not being fed himself, he is often in his bouncy chair or on his play gym. Which were actually bought for his sister and now they’re his.

I made sure I wrote in Little Knight’s baby record book fairly regularly whilst Baby Knight doesn’t even have one.

Before I sound like the worst mother on earth, the one thing he has exactly the same of is love. Oh my goodness. This boy is absolutely delicious and I adore every ounce of him.

I had been feeling very conscious of the fact that he hasn’t had the same treatment (oh hey there mama guilt!). But when I really think about it, I think he has a pretty sweet deal.

For a start, I’ve done this mothering thing for a few years now and whilst I’ll never claim to be an expert, I know a lot more than the first time! With Little Knight I was always worrying about how much milk she was getting or if she’d napped or the temperature of the room or if she had socks to match every outfit (true story). Whilst I obviously enjoyed her babyhood, I am so much more relaxed this time round. I can SEE that’s he’s happy and healthy. Nothing else actually matters.

He also has my shining star of a daughter as Big Sister right from the beginning and she ADORES him. Their relationship is really incredible and I’m so happy that they have been blessed with a sibling, it’s a bond like no other.

So maybe he doesn’t go to loads of classes or have my undivided attention all day but he does have a (mostly) calm and confident mother who knows now that time goes so quickly. When I’m feeding him or if he does snooze on me, I make sure to really drink him in. They are babies for such a short time and I want to enjoy as much as I can. Also, Little Knight starts nursery in September (whole post on its own) and I’m determined to try some sort of baby activity.

This sweet boy has come in and made our family feel complete. It may have taken us nearly 4 months to get any photos up of him but who cares? He lights up when we talk to him and has started gurgling back at us. My boy wants for nothing and is surrounded by so much love.

Matching socks are boring anyway.

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

A tale of PND. 

This blog post is a special one. My little sister has been incredibly brave and opened up about her battle with Post Natal Depression in a bid to break the stigma behind mental health and potentially help someone who is struggling.

This is her story in her own words.

“The midwife had just handed me my beautiful baby who I had been waiting to meet for months. This was easily the best moment of my life but it’s also the moment when my life changed forever.

Things got off to a rocky start because apparently babies never read the birth plan! After over 50 hours of labour I was exhausted and was constantly worrying about not having enough energy to push or carry on. Eventually they decided to break my waters which made me feel like I couldn’t do it myself (completely not true). Then I was rushed from the midwife led unit to triage due to some complications which stressed me out completely. Once I was told to push, my baby appeared very quickly, almost ripping me in half. Then I was rushed to theatre where I was treated for second degree tears which resulted in me having a haemorrhage. This wasn’t part of the plan and definitely not how I imagined things to go.

After being in hospital for 2 days, baby Page decided that she didn’t want to latch on so I was unable to breastfeed – another devastating blow! (Not that I was ever against bottle feeding). I think this is where it all started.

For days I was feeling generally ‘sad’ but I just put it down to the baby blues. Obviously I was over the moon with my beautiful baby girl but something didn’t feel quite right. After 5 months, I knew that I needed to do something so I booked a doctors appointment without telling anyone – not even my husband.

I spent 20 minutes sobbing to the doctor who was amazing and listened to every word I said. It was nice just to talk to someone who would listen without ‘feeling sorry for me’. After my appointment, he prescribed me some anti depressants and wanted to see me in 2 weeks. I left that doctors surgery feeling vulnerable, hopeless but relieved that I finally had a reason why I felt like I did.

The worst kind of sad is not being able to explain why.

That night I finally plucked up the courage to tell my husband. I don’t know why I was so scared to tell him because I knew he would be brilliant. Yet again, I broke down because I just wanted to feel normal again. After I told my husband, I went into the next room and told my mum (I still live at home). Obviously, I sobbed again and so did she. It felt nice just to cry and not have to hold anything back. The next day I knew that I would have to tell my sister, mother in law and my nan because they deserved to know and I trusted them all. However, I couldn’t bring myself to do it so I cowardly asked my mom to tell them for me.

Eventually, everyone who needed to know, knew but I still refused to ever talk about it. I never wanted to cry in front of anyone or talk about how I felt. For over a year I had this ‘secret’ that only a handful of people knew. I felt embarrassed, ashamed and selfish. My daughter didn’t ask to be born to a mother who spent a lot of her nights feeling sad. I never wanted sympathy, I just wanted people to understand why some days I didn’t seem myself.
However, 15 months later I can say that I’m back. I’ve been officially discharged from the doctors and I’m happier than ever. My daughter is becoming a beautiful little girl, I have the best family and I can’t wait to see what our future holds. Also, I can’t thank my husband, family and friends enough because without them, I wouldn’t be me.

This past 15 months haven’t been awful. I’ve had some really really good times and looking back, why should I have been sad? Postnatal depression is an illness and it can happen to anyone.

I haven’t wrote this post for you to feel sorry for me because you don’t need to. I’m a very lucky lady and I have everything I need. I just wanted to raise awareness about mental health.

If you are going through something similar then please talk to someone! Take one breath, one day at a time; it won’t always be this hard!”
Powerful stuff. I’m so proud of my sister for how she’s coped over the last year and for pouring so much of herself into these words. If you want to keep up with her and that beautiful Little Page, you can find her on Instagram at @bethy2410 and @ourweaningstory where she posts recipes and meal ideas for kids.

My sister has been so brave to write this so please show her some love.

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

You can’t pour from an empty cup.

This week is Maternal Mental Health Week. Now I do think that we have come a long way in talking about mental health BUT that discussion can never stop as there will constantly be new women embarking on motherhood and experiencing all these new emotions.

How often do you get through a day and realise you can’t remember when you last ate something? Or you lose track of when you last washed your hair?

It’s like spinning plates. We try to keep on top of all of our commitments and often it’s looking after ourselves that is the first to drop off the priority list and smash.

I know that between children and the house and going to work and all of our other obligations, time is scarce. This is why we need to consciously set aside some time to focus on ourselves and recharge.

Once a week, we go out for a walk to our local florist and pick some flowers for the living room. We all get some fresh air, they brighten up the room and it feels like I’m treating myself.

Maybe you could read a book? Even if it’s just a chapter when the kids are in bed, I find that it feels much more soothing than zoning out on my phone or infront of the TV.

This might sound like an annoying one, but a workout always puts me in a better mood and it’s time spent on yourself, even if the children are present. Personally, I aim for 3 workouts a week and they vary from 10-30 minutes depending on the kid’s moods. I can’t get out to the gym anymore so I have a few DVDs to do at home but you could always use YouTube. I also try to get it done in the morning because as the days goes on, I know I get less and less likely to do it.

If you can, GET OUT THE HOUSE! Go and meet some friends or sit in a coffee shop and just enjoy not having to think for a while. These children don’t half take up some head space!

Everyone has their own way of taking out time for them self. Maybe meditation is your thing or something as simple as painting your nails? Whatever it is. Do it. Sometimes the washing up will just have to sit on the worktop a little bit longer and THAT’S OK.

It is completely normal to feel exhausted, overwhelmed, bored, lonely, sad or scared. Or all of the above. In the same week. This having babies business is HARD. Never feel like you have to be a hero who can do everything on your own. Nobody is handing out medals, ask for a break!

I always feel like I’m a better parent once I’ve had a chance to think about myself and recharge, so everyone benefits. It’s so true that you cannot pour from an empty cup.

1 in every 5 women experience PND. This is something that an hour off will not fix so if you feel like you are drowning, please speak to somebody. There are numerous organisations and charities that will help you as well as your GP and Health Visitor. Just don’t suffer in silence.

If you can’t seek help for yourself, remember that your baby needs you to be fit and well.

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

A little Spanish getaway.

What is the only thing more terrifying than taking young children to the supermarket?

Young children on an aeroplane.

Yes, that’s a 10 week old baby and a 2 and a half year old toddler in a busy airport and then sat on a plane for 3 hours.

Tensions were high, and we didn’t always keep our cool (including an empty threat of having to get off the plane mid flight if she didn’t stop screaming…) but overall it was much better than we anticipated and we had the best week.

To be honest, negotiating the airport whilst juggling bags, jackets and children was probably the most stressful part. We left home at 6am on Thursday morning and kept the kids in their pjs for comfort and convenience. We were really lucky as they let us fast track through security, probably out of pity!

We bought Little Knight a Trunki suitcase which she was so excited to use and put her favourite small teddies, books and figures in. I then added some new magazines (which probably cost the same as the whole holiday), a sticker book and some Kinder Surprise eggs as a real treat. It also meant that she could ride through the airport when her poor legs were tired. 

Little Knight had a suitcase full of entertainment and we had the portable DVD player as back up and for the most part, all was calm. Even on a good day at home we have little blips, she is 2 afterall, so we were thrilled.

Baby Knight obviously didn’t have a clue what was happening and just carried on as usual. I wore him in the airport, which he loves, to keep our hands free.

We then spent 7 days enjoying Malaga! We stayed with my grandparents who live there so we always go to the same area which I love as we know where things are and what we like to do. I always get ‘new-place-anxiety’ so this really works for us.

We had beach days, we went to a zoo, we spent HOURS in the swimming pool, Little Knight ate endless ice cream. It was bliss. Obviously very different to our pre-children holidays, you never actually relax unless they’re asleep, but we had a lot of fun and it was really special to spend so much quality time together. We were really sad to leave!

One thing I want to say about travelling with children though, I found anyway, is that people are so kind. It’s easy to think that everyone is against you and will be really annoyed by your children’s presence, Mr Knight and I were so worried about going! We couldn’t have been more wrong though. The staff were brilliant, they fast tracked us through queues, made the time to speak to my daughter, gave her stickers to play with when we had to wait. I know it’s their job, but I felt really looked after and it just made everything feel more relaxed. The general public are also such a kind bunch! We had countless offers of help and everyone was full of smiles for our children. We had to get a little bus from the airport to the plane and Baby Knight was screaming as he wanted to be fed but instead of being annoyed, so many people were talking to us both or smiling or chatting to my daughter about her exciting holiday. I really encourage you to be that kind person if you get the chance, it made such a big difference to us. I make an effort to smile at people much more now and spread a little positivity. You never know who needs it.

ANYWAY. That went off an a tangent. We had such a great week away. It was lovely to spend quality time with my grandparents, my Nan is just the best host ever. After all of the panic about packing and travelling, I’d do it all again tomorrow if I could!

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

New Baby Favourites.

I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet on here! As you can imagine things are pretty busy. If I ever do get the chance to sit and write, I’m often too tired to finish or don’t feel like it’s decent enough to post (there is a lot just sitting in my drafts!).

ANYWAY. I’m almost 10 weeks postnatal/ postpartum with my second baby and I wanted to share a few of my absolute favourite items I’m currently using. I did a similar post after I had Little Knight which you can find here if you’re interested.

Sleepyhead Deluxe.

I know you’re probably thinking, ‘what an expensive cushion!’, but I honestly love this thing. The cover comes off for washing and we take it with us when we go to the grandparents homes so Baby Knight always has somewhere safe and familiar to sleep. It can be put on any flat surface so on the day it’s on the floor in the lounge and then put in his cot at bedtime. I would definitely get one of these for myself!

Coco Bow changing bag.

I didn’t really have much to buy for my second baby as we still had all the big items from the first time so I was treated to a very lovely new changing bag. It’s so practical, very roomy and comes with everything you need, but also looks more like a handbag than a changing bag. The leather is so soft and it can be converted into a backpack if I need to go hands free, super useful with a toddler in tow!

Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump.

This is AMAZING! It’s a product from New Zealand and is 100% eco friendly and made from food grade silicone. It’s easy and quick to clean and sterilise as it’s just one piece. You basically squeeze it and then attach it to your breast and the suction gently draws out your milk. It’s very compact and discreet so you can use it wherever, you don’t get that weird pumping noise! I use mine whilst I’m feeding Baby Knight as I always get a let down on both sides. I can easily get 60ml without even trying then bag it up and pop it in the freezer. It’s also only £15.99! I cannot rave about this more.

Unmumsy Mum/ Hurrah for Gin etc books.

I feel like I’m just pretending to be an adult most of the time and completely winging it with these children but it turns out I’m not the only one who feels like this! These kind of ‘parenting’ books are easy reading and full of laughs but also make you feel like we’re all bumbling along together.

Chicco Next2me bedside cot.

I won’t bang on about this too much because we bought it for our first baby and I know I raved on about it then. Basically we still love it and it’s probably our favourite baby buy ever.

AmaWrap baby sling.


I’m really loving baby wearing this time. If he’s really unsettled I can pop him in and he’s getting the comfort he needs whilst I can still attend to Little Knight or get some jobs done. I also love it for when we go out on little errands or somewhere where the pram would be difficult to manage. It looks a bit complicated to tie but once I’d watched the video on their website a couple of times I’d mastered it and now I don’t even have to think about it. It comes it lots of different colours too if you’re more colourful than me… I’m boring and don’t think you can beat grey!


Empowering ‘mother’ mug.

At first glance you may not think that this is essential. You are wrong. I bought myself this mug (from Instagram by the way, follow @mutha.hood) as a present to myself for giving birth. Now every time I use it I feel reminded of how strong I am. That can only be a good thing! Let’s ignore the fact that it often contains tea that has been microwaved 4 times and then still drank lukewarm.
Please let me know if you agree on any of these and share your favourite baby/toddler/mama products!

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

And then there were two.

I have been the mother of two for one whole month now and whilst the days are often long, I can’t believe that our boy has been here for all that time already.

People often ask how we are getting on now that Mr Knight is back at work and I just reply with “yeah, we’re all fine!” Because we are. But wow, it is HARD. I feel constantly split between the toddler, the baby and the house whilst still recovering from giving birth (which you can read about here) a few weeks ago. It can be a bit overwhelming!

Have you ever tried to breastfeed whilst wrapping Teletubbies up in Play Doh? This is my reality now!

My house is constantly a mess regardless of how much time I spend cleaning. My to-do list just seems to keep growing. Little Knight’s tantrums are getting ever more epic. Baby Knight is sleeping less and feeding more in the daytime. My husband just gets a ‘freezer tea’ every night. It takes us FOREVER to leave the house. Sometimes I feel like I may as well have 20 children!

But when I see my two gorgeous babies together, all that just becomes the details. And it’s completely true that your love for your children doubles and not halves.

We’re still figuring out our own routine but it’s all good fun. I’ve learned to lower all of my expectations, so what if all we achieve in a day is being dressed and fed? I have two happy and healthy babies. Nobody wants to be washing up anyway!

If someone offers their help, I take it! Nobody is handing out medals for doing it all on your own.

I also now do a weekly to-do list as I found I was feeling rubbish when I wasn’t ticking anything off when I did a daily one.

Most importantly, I recognise how difficult it all can be and try to remember to be especially kind to myself on the tough days. Of which there are plenty! I swear that a cup of tea and the biscuit tin are soul cleansing.



Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

 Another labour story.

Picture the scene. It was Saturday night and I was 2 days overdue and MISERABLE. For the last few weeks I could barely walk with SPD, feeling almost constantly sick and everything gave me heartburn. Mr Knight took the toddler up to bed whilst I grumpily bounced around on my gym ball. And what do you know, hello contractions! They started at about 9:30pm and gathered momentum pretty quickly.

At about 11pm we called my mom who was on stand by for Little Knight and I started using a TENS machine (which I recommend if you’re thinking about it). I managed to stay at home until about 1am when we went to hospital as my contractions were about 2 minutes apart and lasting about 1 minute each.

I was quite apprehensive about going to hospital as last time I was in labour (which you can read about here) I was only 2-3cm dilated when we got there so I really didn’t want that to be the case this time. You can imagine how relieved I was when the midwife said I was 8-9cm!

I went off to a delivery room with a very lovely midwife and got straight on the gas and air! I continued to labour for the next couple of hours and things got very intense! She broke my waters at about 3:30am and I was almost immediately ready to push!

Now that is something I’ll never forget. I completely lost my mind. I may have bitten my husband. It was horrific. But after less than half an hour my baby BURST into the room (facing upwards and causing some SERIOUS damage on the way out!) and placed straight on my chest.

I just lay there in complete shock. I was in the worst pain of my life and then suddenly this slimy baby was lying on me.

MY BOY! Weighing 8lb 14oz.

Mr Knight was able to cut the umbilical cord and I had him for a few minutes before I had to go to theatre due to 3rd degree tearing. Told you he burst out!

An hour later we were reunited in the recovery room where he had his first feed and we were able to start spreading the good news. We soon got settled into a hospital ward, I was in a lot of pain and was feeling very poorly as I’d lost over a litre of blood so we weren’t going anywhere!

We stayed in hospital for another day. I had to have a catheter in for 24 hours as I’d had a spinal block in theatre and I didn’t have the strength to walk due to the blood loss. I was also full of grazes and black with bruising so I needed to be where all the painkillers were!

The next day we were allowed home, armed with a bag full of drugs, at about 3pm. I was so excited to see Little Knight as it’s the longest we’ve ever been apart, and never overnight. She was so excited to meet her baby brother! Her face lit up when she saw us and she was full of cuddles and kisses for him. We’re so proud of her.

It’s now a week later and we are just enjoying day to day life as a family of four. I’m starting to feel like myself again already and recovery is going well, stitches are looking good and my bruising is going down now. I feel like an actual hero that I managed to labour and give birth with minimal pain relief and without any intervention. I was so keen to have a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean) but I don’t think I really believed that I was actually strong enough to do it. Now I feel like I could do anything!

He is perfect. He’s feeding beautifully and managed to put on an ounce in his first week. I could just stare at his gorgeous face all day.

We purposely haven’t had any visitors apart from immediate family for the first week as I felt so overwhelmed last time and I enjoy being in our little newborn bubble.

As you can imagine things are a little busier these days so my posts might be few and far between for a while. Thanks so much for reading.

Knight Mummy x

For the new big sister.

The biggest difference between this pregnancy and my last one is that I have a whole other person to take into account now. Our little girl is about to transition into a role that she didn’t ask for and doesn’t yet understand so we’re trying to make this as smooth and happy a process as possible. The baby will be content as long as he/she has constant milk and cuddles so Little Knight and her emotions are our priority at the moment.

She’s got a few age appropriate books about becoming a big sister which she really enjoys reading and she will kiss my belly and say ‘bebe’ so she has a vague understanding about the whole concept. But to be honest how can you really prepare a 2 year old for such a big change? I don’t think the husband and I are completely prepared!

I’ve prepared a special basket of treats that she will get when she first meets the baby as I really want to make a fuss about her being a big sister and how special she is.

Her basket contains:

  • A new reading book. I chose Supertato as she already has the first story in this series and really loves it.
  • Sticker book. She had the reading book of the same story so she knows it well. This is a read a long book where she has to fit the stickers into the story. She loves stickers and I thought it’d be a nice activity to do together.
  • Personalised card. I ordered it off eBay and it was very inexpensive with her name on. She obviously can’t read but I thought it’d be nice to keep.
  • Peppa Pig jumper. She actually chose this herself about 2 months ago and I put it away so she’s forgotten about it.
  • Twirlywoos figures. These were the most expensive part of the basket. She is really enjoying small figures at the moment and finds all of the Twirlywoos characters very funny. As they are little they’ll be perfect for putting in her little backpack when we go out and I know she’ll be really excited about them.
  • The basket itself was from eBay and it can be used in her bedroom afterwards.

We’ve obviously not long had Christmas so nothing is particularly extravagant but I know she’ll be really happy to have each thing. I haven’t wrapped anything as I think the whole situation will be a bit overwhelming anyway so I don’t feel like a big basket of presents will help. She can have fun opening the baby’s presents when we have visitors.

Little Knight will be staying with my parents whilst we’re having the baby so Mr Knight will collect her from there and bring her to us so it’ll just be the 4 of us. We’ll then have family and other visitors when we’ve had some time alone.

I’m so so excited but also a little apprehensive about everything but I think that’s natural when it’s such a big deal! I wrote a post about how I felt about having a second baby (which is here if you missed it) and I just think that you can’t help but feel guilty about everything when you’re a parent sometimes!

Please let me know if you did anything like this or your stories of new siblings. Hopefully it won’t be long until Baby Knight is here now!

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x