The woes of school mum.

So, I logged onto my poor, forgotten blog again to finally write about something completely different but then found this sitting in my drafts. I don’t know why I never finished it, or if I even wrote it with the intention of publishing. My daughter’s first year of school has been quite something. If I’m honest, it was absolutely awful when she first started. I have never cried so much in my life. My poor girl was really struggling and it was heartbreaking to watch. BUT as the months went on, everything started to fall into place. Nothing happened overnight but little by little I could see my happy child coming back and then transforming into this confident ray of sunshine. We’ve finished Reception now and I was so upset to see it end! We have both made the loveliest of friends and it’s a real joy seeing her with her classmates (and drinking Prosecco with their mums. Such joy!)

That said, I thought I’d still publish my original post because actually it all still stands. I have definitely found my feet as a ‘school mum’ now (or just got used to the chaos perhaps?) but I read this back and was instantly transported back to when I felt like I was drowning in responsibility.

I know September is creeping up again and if you find it all a bit crazy and overwhelming I thought it might be nice to know you’re not alone.

Now I’ll hand it over to October 2018 me…

NEWSFLASH! It turns out that starting school is not just a big adjustment for the child, but the whole family. We’re just dragging ourselves coming up to the first half term and we’re still finding our feet.

I won’t lie, I thought I’d be much better at this. I’m pretty organised. Our daughter attended the preschool attached to her school so we’re used to getting there and back everyday and know a lot of the other children and parents already. So, why is it so difficult?

The admin. Woah. Barely a day goes by without a letter coming home. Which is good in the sense that we’re lucky that she has such an active school but it’s just so hard to keep on top of! I have hardly any room left on my calendar… or in my brain.

I’m constantly fretting about filling in forms and handing them back in and ordering school dinners and washing the uniform and doing her reading book and then filling in the log and when is non uniform day again? Someone told me it gets even harder around Christmas!*

Also, why is it that no matter when you wake up, the mornings are CHAOS. Even if we’re all clean and dressed early something always seems to happen so that we’re scrambling for shoes and coats before dashing out the door. Every day!

I keep telling myself that I’ll get better at all this juggling in time and that when my son eventually starts school too I’ll be an absolute school admin pro… watch this space I guess!

Thanks for reading. X

*I can now confirm that it IS bedlam around Christmas, but it’s also fantastic. The nativity was one of my favourite parenting moments ever. Get a parent WhatsApp or Facebook group to remind each other about events and things. Safety in numbers!

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