New Baby Favourites.

I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet on here! As you can imagine things are pretty busy. If I ever do get the chance to sit and write, I’m often too tired to finish or don’t feel like it’s decent enough to post (there is a lot just sitting in my drafts!).

ANYWAY. I’m almost 10 weeks postnatal/ postpartum with my second baby and I wanted to share a few of my absolute favourite items I’m currently using. I did a similar post after I had Little Knight which you can find here if you’re interested.

Sleepyhead Deluxe.

I know you’re probably thinking, ‘what an expensive cushion!’, but I honestly love this thing. The cover comes off for washing and we take it with us when we go to the grandparents homes so Baby Knight always has somewhere safe and familiar to sleep. It can be put on any flat surface so on the day it’s on the floor in the lounge and then put in his cot at bedtime. I would definitely get one of these for myself!

Coco Bow changing bag.

I didn’t really have much to buy for my second baby as we still had all the big items from the first time so I was treated to a very lovely new changing bag. It’s so practical, very roomy and comes with everything you need, but also looks more like a handbag than a changing bag. The leather is so soft and it can be converted into a backpack if I need to go hands free, super useful with a toddler in tow!

Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump.

This is AMAZING! It’s a product from New Zealand and is 100% eco friendly and made from food grade silicone. It’s easy and quick to clean and sterilise as it’s just one piece. You basically squeeze it and then attach it to your breast and the suction gently draws out your milk. It’s very compact and discreet so you can use it wherever, you don’t get that weird pumping noise! I use mine whilst I’m feeding Baby Knight as I always get a let down on both sides. I can easily get 60ml without even trying then bag it up and pop it in the freezer. It’s also only £15.99! I cannot rave about this more.

Unmumsy Mum/ Hurrah for Gin etc books.

I feel like I’m just pretending to be an adult most of the time and completely winging it with these children but it turns out I’m not the only one who feels like this! These kind of ‘parenting’ books are easy reading and full of laughs but also make you feel like we’re all bumbling along together.

Chicco Next2me bedside cot.

I won’t bang on about this too much because we bought it for our first baby and I know I raved on about it then. Basically we still love it and it’s probably our favourite baby buy ever.

AmaWrap baby sling.


I’m really loving baby wearing this time. If he’s really unsettled I can pop him in and he’s getting the comfort he needs whilst I can still attend to Little Knight or get some jobs done. I also love it for when we go out on little errands or somewhere where the pram would be difficult to manage. It looks a bit complicated to tie but once I’d watched the video on their website a couple of times I’d mastered it and now I don’t even have to think about it. It comes it lots of different colours too if you’re more colourful than me… I’m boring and don’t think you can beat grey!


Empowering ‘mother’ mug.

At first glance you may not think that this is essential. You are wrong. I bought myself this mug (from Instagram by the way, follow @mutha.hood) as a present to myself for giving birth. Now every time I use it I feel reminded of how strong I am. That can only be a good thing! Let’s ignore the fact that it often contains tea that has been microwaved 4 times and then still drank lukewarm.
Please let me know if you agree on any of these and share your favourite baby/toddler/mama products!

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

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