Festive toddler fun.

So long Autumn, hello Winter! That didn’t take long did it? Whilst I really do love this time of year, it can be difficult knowing how to fill all of the hours in the day with a wild toddler that demands constant entertainment. We need to keep in mind that the weather is cold and often a bit miserable, my budget doesn’t stretch to exciting days out everyday and at 32 weeks pregnant I’m starting to slow down! (I’ll be honest, sometimes we just watch The Snowman under a blanket with a bowl of crisps, and that’s honestly ok!)

However, I thought I’d  share a few of our favourite Winter/Christmas activities in case you’re looking for more ideas and also so I have them all written in one place!

  • Baking and decorating gingerbread. I’m not a natural baker but we can manage this, and the house always smells AMAZING.

  • Making decorations. You can pick up kits and crafty bits from loads of Supermarkets and homey shops and they’re really inexpensive but we’ve made wreaths with paper plates before so you can use anything. You could go really old-school and make paper chains! If it involves painting, Little Knight loves it even more.

  • Puzzles.

Making soup. My daughter isn’t the best vegetable eater but she will eat anything in a soup so I really cram them in. I chop and peel the vegetables and then she throws them in the pan. She enjoys being able to feel and smell the different foods too so it’s a complete winner in our house. And really, is anything more comforting than homemade soup when it’s cold outside?

  • Play doh.
  • Walking to the shop and choosing a magazine. We both get some exercise and fresh air and then we can colour and do stickers when we get back so this is always a hit.
  • Water play. Sometimes I’ll just fill a bowl of water and let her splash and pour, or I’ll stick her in the bath after we’ve done something messy and she’ll play in there. This is always a good activity if she’s being super grumpy as it seems to reset her mood.
  • Book club. We’ll cosy up in the blankets and just read all of her favourite books.

  • Dancing. She has a few song and action CDs which she enjoys dancing to. Also a good way to burn off some toddler energy when we can’t get outside.
  • Threading cheerios on to string or spaghetti. A bit random I know, but good for fine motor skills and it’s stuff that you tend to have in the house anyway.

  • Christmas bark. Basically melted chocolate spread onto a tray and topped with whatever treats you like. You just pop it into the fridge to set when you’ve finished decorating and then break it up to eat. A yummy Christmas treat!
  • Felt tree. I bought a felt tree from Hobby Craft with Velcro felt decorations that we enjoy using. You could obviously make this yourself very easily if you are more talented/less lazy than me!

Please share ANY ideas or things that you love doing with your children this time of year! It’s great to get inspiration and tips from others and I’m always looking for new things to spark her interest. Hope you found this useful!

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

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