Mr Knight talks pregnancy.

Hello everyone! Mr Knight here, gatecrashing the wife’s blog to talk about the other side of pregnancy.

It’s just so weird!

Before Little Knight, I had absolutely no idea how much pregnancy could change someone and I don’t just mean the swollen belly. Mrs Knight now hates anything with melted cheese on, to the point where I once had to eat my tea in solitude as she found either the pizza or me too repulsive.

Balloon v Baby

I’m always worried that the insane hormones will rear their head at any moment. This one time at bandcamp, we were watching TV and I was tucking in to some classic Ben and Jerry’s ice cream when Mrs Knight suddenly burst into tears! I asked what was wrong and it was because I hadn’t offered her any (stupid man). “Oh… sorry… do you want some?” “NO, but that’s not the point!” We laugh about it now, and I’m allowed to tell the story, but at the time Mrs Knight did NOT find it funny. Another example was when she was in the bath and she accidentally dropped her shampoo on her head. Funny right? WRONG! Mrs Knight was so upset it was actually difficult to console her and not because it hurt but because she just felt sorry for herself (she’s OK now don’t worry).

As we get into the later stages of pregnancy, I take on a few more helper roles. For example, what I refer to as ‘the sofa situation’. Watching Mrs Knight get off the sofa last time when she was full term, was like watching a turtle on it’s back trying to turn over. So I’ll be right there to help her to her swollen feet. Speaking of which, she will soon struggle to see them let alone reach them, so I will help with her shoes and socks… although last time when I tried to get her boot off I didn’t realise that there was a big zip on them so nearly pulled her whole leg off instead.

I’m glad it’s not me that’s pregnant, I really couldn’t cope. I struggle to get out of bed on a wet Monday morning! Mrs Knight is doing such an amazing job, growing our baby whilst also looking after our toddler that runs around like she’s in fast forward. She’s like the Bear Grylls of the toddler world!

So, here’s to my wonderful wife, you are doing a brilliant job and I can’t wait for our little family to gain another member of Team Knight.

Normal service resumes next week.

Much Love, Mr Knight X


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