The last feed.

So, after 2 years and 2 months, we are all done.

When Little Knight was first born I was so determined to make it to 6 months so I’m really proud of how long we’ve managed. Right from the start I had let her lead the way with breastfeeding, always on demand, day and night, and this worked for us.

After her 2nd birthday I knew things were coming to a close. She was wanting such short comfort feeds and I was feeling like I had had enough. I was early pregnant and it was a lot for my body to manage. I knew that she didn’t really need it anymore, if ever I wasn’t around she would never ask for milk.

She was still feeding in the night so after 2 years I was EXHAUSTED. These feeds were the first to go! I just told her that milk was all gone and offered her water and gave her lots of cuddles instead. She was not very impressed by this at first but I stayed strong and after a really tough week we’d cracked it. If she woke in the night we’d have a little cuddle and she’d go straight back to sleep. Now she doesn’t wake up much at all and always goes straight back to sleep if she does.

We were then left with two feeds a day; nap time and bedtime. I kept these going until our holiday incase she needed a feed on the plane for her ears and to be honest I didn’t want to upset her when we were away from home. The day after we came back she had her last feed cuddled up in our bed. Even though I’ve been ready to stop for a few months, I still felt really sad about it. This had been our special bond for over two years and it was emotional seeing it come to an end. She was obviously ready though as we only had a few tears at nap time for three days and then she stopped asking for milk. Now I just cuddle her and she has her bottle of water. And that’s that!

My hormones have been a bit wild this week which may be a combination of stopping breastfeeding and the pregnancy but I’m really hoping they’ll settle soon. I feel like such a sad bear!

Now my little girl has left another ‘baby stage’ behind. She really is growing up fast and it’s both amazing and heartbreaking at the same time. I’m so proud of her. I was worried that because I was stopping breastfeeding instead of letting her decide she was ready that she would struggle but she’s coped so well. And I can wear what I like now!*

Did anyone else notice any changes when they stopped breastfeeding?

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x
*That I can actually fit into! I’m 23 weeks pregnant and already look like I ate a bowling ball.

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