Pregnancy update: Halfway!

20 weeks down!

Halfway already! I thought I’d just do a little update covering the last few months…

My poor stomach has done some serious growing and I’m feeling quite stretched already. The sickness has all gone but I’m still waiting for that boost in energy… maybe that’s the 2 year olds fault!

The last 3 weeks I’ve had a bad cough, cold and tonsillitis so that’s wiped me out a bit but I’m on antibiotics now so will hopefully be back to myself soon. Other than being poorly, pregnancy wise I’ve been feeling pretty good.

We had our second scan this week and Baby Knight is doing everything it’s supposed to be. We had a little scare when the sonographer was checking the heart. She had to get a second opinion and I went for a walk to get the baby to change position but they were both happy with all the measurements in the end. I’ve got a third scan and appointment with my consultant when I’m 32 weeks as they think my placenta might attach to my caesarean scar which  is far from ideal but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. I’m still really hoping for a natural birth this time but obviously will follow all the medical advice.

And no we didn’t find out the gender, we’re still in Team Yellow!

The best bit is from 17 weeks I started feeling little movements and now I’m getting proper kicks that Mr Knight can feel too. I love feeling the little wiggles, it’s massively reassuring and so exciting!

I’m ridiculously unprepared, I haven’t done any baby prep at all so lets hope time slows down a bit over the next few months as we’re moving Little Knight into a new bedroom so the baby can have her current room as it’s still a nursery. I cannot stress enough just how much work this will be, I’m starting to realise that we might be hoarders!

Still, all exciting stuff! Time to crack on, things are getting real.

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

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