Sleep developments.

It’s no secret that Little Knight has never been a very good sleeper. She’s only slept through the night once in her 19 months and struggles to sleep when she’s on her own. Let’s be honest, when it’s 3am and you are JUST SO TIRED, you will do anything to just get some sleep.

Anyway! Last weekend we coverted Little Knight’s cot into a toddler bed. I thought as she enjoys our bed so much that maybe having her own pillow and duvet would help. Also, sometimes she would roll over and hit the sides of the cot and wake up then struggle to get back to sleep.   So Mr Knight dug out the screwdriver and converted her cot and attached a bed rail to the one side so she couldn’t roll out.

She absolutely loves it!

This week she has been having 1hr+ daytime naps in her bed which I’m sure is standard for most young children but this is all new for us. She’s also been staying in her bed for much longer than before. I’m so proud of how well she’s done in just a week!   I also just want to say, I know a lot of people will be thinking that we brought her bad sleeping on ourselves. We have always just followed our instincts when it comes to parenting. Controlled crying and other similar methods just weren’t an option for us and we just did what felt right. I’m not criticising anyone else’s choices, all families are completely different and we’re all just doing our best.

I’m so happy with how this transition has gone, even if it does highlight how much my baby is growing up! Has anyone else faced the ‘bed change’ yet? Doesn’t it feel like all parents talk about is sleep?! You soon become obsessed with it when it’s in limited supply!

Please share your sleep/bed stories as we can all learn little tips from each other!

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

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