A new year!

A new year always seems the best time to have a ‘fresh start’and set some goals to try to improve yourself over the coming 12 months. 

I have fallen into the trap many times where I set lots of vague and practically impossible resolutions which I inevitably fail at and then feel a bit rubbish. ‘I will lose weight’ is the classic. A more realistic and achievable goal would be to lose X number of pounds over a certain time period, which last year I did and felt great.

This year I’m trying to think realistically so here are the resolutions that I’m setting myself  for 2016.

  1. Learn to drive. If I carry on the way I have been this will be a definite possibility later in the year. 
  2. Change my PayPal name. I’ve been married for 3 and a half years but my account is still in my maiden name. It’s been on my to-do list for a while!
  3. Read 5 books. I know that seems very little in a year but I haven’t managed to read a single book since I was pregnant and I used to love it so much.
  4. Get to the gym twice a week. Again, I was achieving this last year and really enjoyed the me-time. Then Christmas happened and I swapped gym sessions for nights in eating cheese and chutney.
  5. When I was thinking about my parenting style and how I could improve it I had a lot of ideas including less TV time, more craft activities, more home cooked meals etc etc. until I had basically picked apart our whole day. I’m currently writing this whilst in soft play, Mr Knight and I take it in turns to run around with Little Knight and it’s my turn to have a breather. She has just flown past me and is having such a good time running Daddy’s legs off. She is a healthy, safe and happy little girl. So my last resolution is to cut myself some slack and accept that I’m doing the best I can. Some days this is better than others but that’s the way life is. 

She’s a happy camper.

Do you bother with resolutions? What are your goals for the year? 

Thanks for reading, 

Knight Mummy x 

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