Christmas festivities.

Firstly, sorry I’ve been neglecting the blog a bit. No matter how early I start preparing, Christmas always seems to creep up on me and I feel crazy busy. I’m going to really try and get better at it in the new year as I enjoy writing and sharing a bit of my life with others. Stops my mum-brain from turning into mush!

Not that I’m complaining as I really love this time of year. I like that there is so much going on and it feels even more special now that we have Little Knight.

Christmas is full of festivities and at some point most of us will be getting dressed up. This often used to be bigger than the event itself! Now I have Little Knight, time is not on my side so actually getting out the door is often the biggest part of the night.

Time to stop and have a glass of wine WHILST getting ready!


These days I often resort to a bright lip to distract from my tired eyes and create the illusion I’ve had adequate time to get ready. If it’s not a skinny jeans occasion, I’ll have to dig out my big suck-the-belly-in tights and try not to go overboard with the food. (Or do it anyway and then have to throw them in my bag during the night to let the belly out. Merry Christmas!)

Christmas 2013 and Pregnant. No big pants required.

Remember when it was so much simpler? The beauty of a 90’s Christmas! Back in the day I would crack open the body glitter, crimp my hair and pack one sticky lipgloss in a bag. Ready to go!

I’m the one in gold. Top outfit choice.

On reflection, maybe I’m better off now. That VPL haunts me.

BUT I say as long as you feel good, who cares if you’ve been prepping for weeks or if you have the length of a Peppa Pig DVD to get ready? GET OUT AND HAVE A GREAT TIME!

Eat, drink, be merry, stay safe and just RELAX. You look great! Whatever you’re up to this Christmas, I hope you have an amazing time!

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

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