‘When I have kids…’

In the days before we had Little Knight I would often think about being a mum. I thought I had a good idea about the kind of parent I would be and there were certain ‘rules’ that I knew I would have in place.

Before Little Knight. Out past 9pm and IN A CLUB!

Before Little Knight.
Out past 9pm and IN A CLUB!

That person didn’t have a clue! Turns out you have no idea what it’s like to be a parent until you actually are one. NO IDEA!

Here are some things I said pre-baby which quickly got forgotten…

  • I will never keep my child occupied with an iPad at a restaurant.
  • I won’t keep giving my child snacks to keep him/her quiet in Aldi.
  • I won’t buy my child a new toy/book whenever he/she has injections/has a cold/looks a little sad.
  • I won’t spend more money and effort on my child’s wardrobe than my own.
  • I won’t mum-cry at every little milestone.
  • I won’t sing nursery rhymes in public. Very loudly. With dance moves.
  • The house definitely won’t start to resemble a crèche. (As I type, Little Knight is playing in a ballpit in the middle of the lounge.)
  • I won’t constantly finish off my child’s food. Especially when it’s mush and stone cold.
  • I will get the vacuum out after every mess.
  • I won’t make much fuss at the first birthday as they don’t remember anything anyway.
  • I won’t take my baby on a plane as it’s not fair on other passengers.

I broke every single one of those ‘rules’ and it makes me laugh that I thought I was so clued up. I’m not Super Mum by any stretch of the imagination but I have a happy little girl and that’s what matters. And some days it’s all about survival!

Much better.

Much better.

Let me know which of your pre-baby ‘rules’ have been broken!

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

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