Reflecting on pregnancy

Before I even start, I’m not pregnant. I need to get that out there from the off! However, my little sister is heavily pregnant and I have a few friends who are also expecting. It’s such an exciting time and has made me look back on my own pregnancy.


Here is a list of things that I wish I could yell at my former pregnant self:

1. You don’t have anything to prove and nobody is handing out medals. I am very stubborn by nature and this was emphasised when I was pregnant. I would just carry on going to work and doing everything I normally did even when I was exhausted/had sciatica/a vomiting mess just to prove that I could still do things. I now realise that nobody thinks less of you for sitting down every now and then!

2. Pack things for Mr Knight in the hospital bag. This might be obvious to everyone else but it didn’t even cross my mind. I only thought about myself and the baby and we ended up being in hospital for longer than we expected. Next time I will pack him a clean t shirt and some substantial snacks.

3. Don’t get too focused on the due date. Baby Knight was a week late and I wish I’d just relaxed about the whole thing! Turns out babies come when they’re ready. Come to think of it, don’t get too focused on the birth plan either. That was a waste of ink!

4. Take more belly photos! I wish I’d taken them more regularly to watch my bump grow.

5. GO TO THE DENTIST, YOU COMPLETE IDIOT!!! It’s free and I still didn’t go which was very, very stupid. I always had an excuse but I was actually just too scared. Turns out a filling is a walk in the park compared to labour.

39 weeks!

39 weeks!

However, that said there are some things that I feel like I got right and would try to repeat in a future pregnancy and recommend to others.

1. I still love our pregnancy announcement photo and would definitely do something like that again. It felt so exciting planning what we were going to do and we had so many compliments on it.

Pregnancy announcement

Pregnancy announcement

2. Lucozade Sport in the hospital bag kept my energy levels up and the sports cap is easy to drink from whilst bouncing on a gym ball. Win win.

3. Mr Knight and I kept the gender a surprise and I’m so glad we did. We had quite a traumatic birth but him telling me we had a baby girl will always stand out in my mind despite everything that happened. Everyone kept telling me it was going to be a boy so I couldn’t believe it!

4. I actually bought quite a lot of maternity wear despite others telling me it was a waste of money and I would do this again. I think it’s important to feel confident and it’s such a special time, you want to enjoy it and look your best. I loved showing off my bump and enjoyed shopping for my new body.

5.  Get a pedicure before the birth. I can’t stress this enough. Your feet will end up in a strangers hands. Despite being in a lot of pain I was glad I was looking my best! I know, im sure the lovely midwives don’t care but I definitely did! Plus it’s a nice treat for your poor feet after supporting all that extra weight.


41 weeks!

Anything you would like to add? Agree with anything? Please let me know! I love talking pregnancy and it might be useful to others about to go through it. Now that I’ve wrote this I actually miss being pregnant!

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

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