Help! I have a toddler!

Little Knight has taken this turning one thing a bit too seriously. She’s changing so quickly that I can’t keep up! I have become a bit of a frantic parent who is just trying to get to grips with the little girl my baby has become.

So grown up!

Sleep? Not a chance! Sometimes she will have just half an hour ALL DAY. Now she’s never been a fabulous sleeper but this is something else. She just seems too busy to settle down and have a sleep, she has important walking/learning/exploring to do. You’d think after all that playtime she would be exhausted but we still battle to get her to bed and she will then wake up twice minimum. 7 maximum (so far). As you can imagine she gets quite tired during the day if she’s refusing naps which doesn’t help our latest development…

Tantrums. Dun dun duuuuun.

I genuinely didn’t realise this would happen so soon and I’ll admit I don’t know how to handle it yet. They are short lived but it’s still a bit of a shock. A lot of her frustrations come from being restricted, now that she can walk she often hates the highchair, pushchair and getting strapped into the car seat. If she is on her feet, she is happy. Although spending the whole day walking around is pretty tiring, but did I mention she resists sleep?! I’m finding it more difficult to get out with her, especially on my own.

I remember we had some craziness when she was learning to crawl so I’m thinking of putting it down to a new developmental stage and her brain having so much to process.

Please don’t take this post as a big, fat moan. I love my little madam more than words and she makes me laugh constantly. I’m constantly enthralled by things she learns and watching as her gorgeous personality develops. She will now choose a book, bring it over to me and put it into my hand. She does an adorable fish impression when you ask her what a fish says. I am really enjoying many aspects of having a toddler. There are just a few aspects that are a little bit challenging. This is a new stage of parenthood that we are adapting to.



In other news, Little Knight’s birthday celebrations were really lovely. I’ll write a nice, long blog post about it soon but I just had to get this out first.

I’ve always enjoyed other people’s funny toddler stories so now it’s just my turn. The problem is she is so bloomin’ cute that she will always have the advantage! 

Two tired girls!

 Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

One thought on “Help! I have a toddler!

  1. only just seen this blog about tantrums! they are wonderful aren’t they ha! so nice to read that other toddlers seem to be having the same sort of tantrums as Connor! He is very challenging at the moment! Love reading your blogs x


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