I have a 1 year old 

I’ve just been creeping around putting up banners and setting up a birthday display in the lounge. I’m now sat on the sofa at half 11 in the evening, on my own, looking at photos of my baby girl through tears. I feel a big mixture of sadness that my little baby has gone, pride as she has come so farhow, happiness that we get to celebrate this big milestone and excitement for what’s to come. 

In 30 minutes I will have a one year old, a little cheeky toddler whose personality shines through everything she does. Every day with her is such a joy and I cannot wait to celebrate her first year with people who love her. 

All day I’ve drove people crazy with my ‘this-time-last-year’ stories. I keep thinking back and remembering how excited but scared I was to meet this little person. One year later, she is my everything and I know her better than anyone.  

Just a few hours old

 Of course, with nostalgia you tend to only remember the lovely parts but its definitely been the most challenging year of my life too. Babies are such hard work! Right now though,  I can’t help but feel like I didn’t appreciate the time when she was little. When you’re exhausted and feeding constantly and you’re full of stitches its inevitable you will be keen to fast forward a bit. Now though, I feel like I would empty the bank to have an hour with Baby Knight when she was a few weeks old.    
 I know this phrase is batted around constantly but seriously, where does the time go?! 
A one year old?! I feel like I can’t really refer to her as Baby Knight anymore so from now on she is Little Knight. (Even though that hurts my mummy heart a little!) 

We have a day full of family and fun tomorrow and then a little party planned on Saturday so we have lots to look forward to. And Little Knight (urghhhh!) doesn’t have a clue what any of it is about!   

My big girl

Please tell me I’m not the only one whose found the first birthday emotional?

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

3 thoughts on “I have a 1 year old 

  1. Her party is on Saturday 😊 but we’ve had a lovely day thank you! And glad I’m not the only one! Thank you for reading xx


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