Parent laughs

Some of the things parents come out with are just plain ridiculous. Sometimes I’ll hear myself say something that I never thought would ever leave my mouth. 

We’ve all been there. It can be so easy to compare our parenting styles and the decisions we make to other people. This is never helpful as we either feel inferior or judge someone else without knowing half the story. It’s harmful but it’s also really difficult to stop. 

Instead of comparing, let’s just laugh with each other. Let’s share some of the utterly ridiculous things that come out of our tired mouths! 

I hear myself saying, “no, we don’t eat shoes!” at least 5 times everyday. EVERY. DAY. 


That cheeky face!

One of my favourites was when my sister was feeding Baby Knight and shouted “help! There’s something in my eye! I don’t know if it’s snot or Jamaican Pork.” 

I love how Mr Knight and I will have date night and spend our time discussing our daughter’s poo. In graphic detail. Whilst having a meal. In public. I sometimes forget that many people actually don’t like talking about bodily fluids whilst eating. 

So often, being a parent is really hard work. But it is also full of laughs! And Baby Knight isn’t even talking yet, my best laughs are still to come! 

Please share your funny parenting moments and sayings and give someone else a good laugh!

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

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