Getting spruced up

As a parent you have those moments occasionally where it really hits home just how much your life has changed since having children. For example, in the newborn days when 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep suddenly feels like a spa break, or you finish off your daughters Ella’s Kitchen pouch as a post-lunch snack to avoid waste. I don’t mean pining for your old life, but it’s just certain moments really highlight the differences.

I had moment like this last week when I was getting ready to go to a party. Pre-baby I would probably have started getting ready on that morning and it would have involved every lotion and potion you could imagine. I’m talking long baths with a lush bath bomb, face mask, hair mask (yes, seriously). The outfit would probably be new or at least planned a few days before, with a lot of thought going into the accessories and corresponding make up look. I’d sit with my rollers in for a few hours whilst painting my nails. It makes me feel sick to think how self indulgent I was but getting ready was genuinely half of the fun!

Needless to say it wasn’t quite the same picture last week. I did try and paint my nails whilst the baby was asleep but I later got them stuck in the nappy tabs and peeled some off so ended up picking it off in the car. Waste of time. I then threw the same make up on that I wear everyday but added a red lip, (I hoped it would at least look like I’d spent hours getting ready) whilst trying to find Baby Knight an outfit and singing Old Mcdonald at her. We left half an hour later then we intended and when we arrived Baby Knight spent the first 20 minutes sobbing and had to be fed in the car.

When in doubt, go as a Sophie la Girafe ballerina!

This sounds like we had a terrible time but not at all! It felt good to be out as a family past 7pm. Once she’d got used to the lights/loud music/strangers we actually got some smiles and she then fell asleep in daddy’s arms by 10pm. Mr Knight and I had a drink, chatted with friends and sang on karaoke. It was definitely worth the stress of getting ready and I’m so glad we made the effort to go, and lets be honest, I may not have even a fraction of the time to get glammed up like I used to but it is definitely a lot more effort!

Off to the dance floor!

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

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