1st birthday build up

As Baby Knight has just turned 10 months I’ve really started thinking about her 1st birthday. Except that’s actually a lie. I’ve been planning for months, my Pinterest boards are full and you can’t see the bed in the spare room for birthday paraphernalia. And yes, I’m aware that so many people will be saying ‘what a waste of time/money when she wont even remember it!’ Now as much as I know that’s true, I couldn’t care less!

Anyone who knows me will know that I get birthday obsessed at the best of times. Not even just my birthday, anyone! I really love birthdays, they are just so special and exciting. Now, what could be more exciting than a first birthday?! For my own bloomin’ gorgeous baby girl!! I am beside myself with excitement. If I think about it too much I get a bit giddy.

However, this doesn’t mean I’m planning a massive ordeal. Not at all. I just want a day with our nearest and dearest, games and cake in the garden (are you listening, weather!!) celebrating my girl’s first year.

I also anticipate I will spend the day in tears so I’m electing my sister to take thousands of photos so I don’t miss a second. I keep watching YouTube videos of first birthdays (I know, I told you I get birthday obsession) and I can’t stop the tears then, when I have no idea who the people are.

One year seems to be such a huge milestone! Baby Knight has filled our lives with immeasurable joy for one whole year. Mr Knight and I have survived as parents and not killed each other for one whole year. I’ve breastfed for one whole year.

Just a few hours old *sob*

Just a few hours old *sob*

Her birthday feels so significant that I just feel like I’ll burst with emotions. I’m beyond happy, I’m so proud of her and how she’s progressed but I’m also a little sad that it’s all gone by so quickly! My baby is becoming a little girl before my very eyes and all I can do is enjoy the ride.

Well this got emotional! I thought I was going to write about how the theme of her little party was Pink Lemonade and where I’d bought the paper plates from but this was clearly what was on my mind instead. Please tell me I’m not the only one getting teary about blowing out that first candle!

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

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